Phrazle: Guess the Phrase

Phrazle is a game inspired by Wordle, challenging you to unravel a multi-word phrase. Following each attempt, you'll receive color-coded hints regarding the positioning of letters within individual words and the entire phrase. Can you guess the phrase within six tries?

How to play Phrazle?

  1. Make your first guess

    To initiate the game, examine the word grid and submit your initial attempt. Ensure that the phrase you enter matches the word grid's structure, with the same number of words and letters in each word. Make your first guess
  2. Look at the hints

    Then, examine the colored hints provided following each attempt. Green squares indicate that you've correctly positioned letters. Yellow squares signify the presence of these letters in the word but in different locations. Purple squares indicate that the letter isn't in this word but appears in another within the phrase. Gray squares mean these letters aren't used anywhere in the phrase. Look at the hints
  3. Guess the phrase

    Victory in the game is achieved once you accurately guess every letter in the phrase, marked by all tiles turning green. The game refreshes every 24 hours, so return the following day for a fresh Phrazle challenge! Guess the phrase

About Phrazle

Phrazle is a word puzzle game that draws inspiration from Wordle. What sets it apart is that you're tasked with uncovering multiple words within a phrase, and you have six attempts to accomplish this challenge. Phrazle offers a considerable level of complexity, demanding analytical skills to spot patterns among words and phrases. Engaging in Phrazle regularly can enhance memory, sharpen mental clarity, and potentially help preserve brain cell function, contributing to cognitive vitality.

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